The beginning

So I’ve decided to write a blog.  How very modern of me.  I am not entirely sure of my motivations.  A desire to write and express myself, certainly.  Vanity and the hope that some people other than my immediate family will read this, definitely.  A bit bored of the current day-to-day and a desire for something different, yes that too.  Perhaps I’ll work out why as I go along.

I am 40-something, male, British, married, have three kids and a steady job in finance (yes, that could mean anything; no I am neither a tax inspector or a banker). I’ve been cycling since the back end of 2009, which was the year I decided I needed to sort my life out and get fit, otherwise I was going to end up overweight, unhealthy, unhappy. I view myself as a deeply mediocre cyclist – never raced and never want to, generally fail to meet the “gold” time in sportives, not the fastest up the hills or on the flat.  But that’s probably a bit overly self-deprecating – I’ve done some pretty big trips to the Alps (hence the Croix de Fer photo in the header), the Mont Ventoux and so on. One of my virtues, perhaps, is the ability to keep on plugging away – bloody mindedness, if you like.

I suspect lots of you out there are like me in many ways and I suppose that’s another reason for doing this – I’m not very different to lots of other folk who cycle, and there is a vague hope that in sharing my occasional thoughts, hopes, plans, moans, successes and failures that I might help engender a sense of community amongst us all, thereby increasing the emotional well-being of the world in some minuscule way.

It will often be rather mundane things that I write about.  I make no apologies for that.  Well, a small one.  But that’s kind of what this is about – “My power meter won’t work”, “I had a good ride today”, “I got a flat on the turbo” – that’s my “content”. It ain’t much, and I don’t think I’m going to be selling advertising on the site any time soon, but perhaps amongst the humdrum there will be the occasional glimpse of a greater truth.  I might sometimes make you laugh (whether intentionally or not), I might sometimes make you think.  Or maybe someone will just tell me how to get my power meter to work, which would be a decent result in itself. (Actually I think I sussed it out this morning, but thanks anyway.)

Oh, by the way, in the interests of full disclosure I also do (whisper it) triathlons.  So you will have to put up with stuff that is not just about cycling from time to time. Sorry, but that’s how it is.  I am not a purist I’m afraid.

So there we are, first post done, more or less.  I’m doing a power test later this week, which is one of the most unpleasant (legal) things you can do to yourself for 20 mins I always think. If I haven’t thought better of the whole idea (which is possible), I shall report back on my probably dismal performance for post number two.